Fire up your grill and switch your favorite barbecue chicken into BBQ Chicken Kebabs! Tender, juicy, spice-rubbed BBQ chicken skewers smothered in sweet and sourish sauce are going to be a brand new family and company favorite.

Barbecue Sauce. I can’t think about an additional beloved all yank sauce. It makes everything higher. whether or not dyspnoeic Ribs (a should try), cut taquitos (my terribly initial post!), pork, chicken wings, chicken tenderloins, or any quite chicken, its sweet and sour playfulness moistens and infuses each bite with lip spanking deliciousness.

So naturally, so as to make the simplest barbecue chicken with the foremost expense to be coated in associate intoxicating spice mix together with reserved paprika, sugar, and flavourer then smothered in spell bounding home-baked sauce, I selected to make barbecue chicken shish kebabs (small items of meat grilled on a skewer).

These chicken skewers area unit my visit grill instruction as a result of not solely area unit they delish, they don’t need any marinating, merely coating them with tough vegetable oil, then spices. Once grilled (or broiled) for 8-10 minutes, the tender spiced morsels area unit brushed with sauce that the sauce caramelizes and becomes even additional delicious.

Now I’m certain you have got your favorite sauce, however, I beg you to provide this do-it-yourself version a strive. Its a brilliant easy whisking of reserved spices from your Chicken Rub with tomato ketchup, refined sugar, molasses, acetum, urban center and butter for additional sleekness. you may fall smitten.

And once you sweep it on everywhere your barbecue chicken kebabs, you may deep infatuated forever with BBQ Chicken Kebabs. forever and forever.