Starbucks Is Releasing Santa Boots Frappuccino

Starbucks always offers special coffee drinks and interesting flavors with striking flair. Now that the vacation season has arrived, the favored coffee chain has released its long list of holiday drinks, including the ever-popular peppermint mocha and even some new holiday favorites.

One thing about the Starbucks drinks is that the menu is also different in other countries, where the drink options and favors are diverse and even more outrageous sometimes. This holiday season, Starbucks in Japan has created a Santa boot inspired frappuccino for its customers.

Source: moshimoshi-nippon

This new holiday drink takes inspiration from the jolly, red-suited man who delivers presents on Christmas eve all around the world. But this drink also has an additional trick. This Santa Boots frappuccino is actually covered with potato chips.

This frappuccino is following the recent food trend of mixing salty and sweet, by mixing sweet flavors and salty crunch. The base of this drink is chocolate flavor, with chocolate chips and added chocolate sauce for even more flavor. Then the drink is surrounded by the crushed potato chips, covered with creamy whipped cream topping, and sprinkled with bits of red-coated chocolate candies.

The Santa Boots frappuccino is available for a limited time from December 4 to December 25, or until it’s sold out. The drink will be available in the regular Starbucks drink sizes and retails for a similar price as well. There are currently no plans that the drink will be released in the United States. However, the ingredients should be easy enough to make for creative customers. The making of popular drinks is a pretty viral social media sensation Eventually in the United States, and for sure loyal customers will give it a try.